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Alison Cameron was diagnosed with Covid-19 on 5 March

A woman with coronavirus has described how being in self-isolation is “frightening”.

Alison Cameron, 53, is one of 15 people in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea to have been diagnosed with the disease.

“I feel really unwell. I am currently in isolation. It is not pleasant,” she said, adding: “At the heart of it I feel like death on legs.”

The borough has the highest number of cases of Covid-19 in London.

Ms Cameron contacted NHS 111 after having respiratory problems as she has impaired immunity, the Local Democracy Reporting Service said.

“I had a respiratory tract infection that got a great deal worse. I was finding it hard to breathe,” she said.

‘Horrible feeling’

She was tested on 5 March with a positive result coming back four days later.

Ms Cameron believes she contracted the virus after a chance meeting with someone who was subsequently diagnosed with it.

She said the NHS asked for details of her movements and people she has been in contact with to help prevent further cases.

“It’s a horrible feeling not being able to go out and it is quite frightening,” she said.

“I am more worried about my neighbours because they are quite vulnerable too.”

Ms Cameron, who once worked in international relations, is currently on benefits due to poor health and is having to order in food “which I am finding really costly”.

“I worry about what people would do if they have to use food banks,” she said.

To get through her period of isolation, the fluent Russian speaker has already got through five novels in five days.

Throughout that time friends have been phoning to help keep her spirits up.

But she said it could still be a lonely and “really, really scary” experience.

“I am veering towards seeing the funny side if it (for me),” she added.

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